Snapshot 6 (8-3-2014 10-36 AM)

Does anyone know The LEGO Movie? It was the most good movies of 2014. I am thinking they should make a LEGO MOVIE 2 because the first one was good. At school, i told everyone that THE LEGO MOVIE was awesome. But on Feb 2014, my friend gave me a DVD of the film. What the heck? The film wasn't on DVD yet on Feb 2014. But i didn't care about it since it is still a favorite movie of mine. I looked at the DVD and saw crude handwriting that read: THE LEGO MOVIE 2.0 UNRATED. I put the disc in and begun watching. The cut begun with Emmett's morning scene just like in the movie itself, but there were some strange things in this scene. The film was in black and white and Emmett was speaking a different language. I tried to figure out what he was saying, but it was hard to understand him. When he took the instructions from his bookshelf, the sound changed to white noise. After that, it cut to black. There was no sign of Lucy, Batman, Vitruvius , Uni-kitty, or Benny the spaceman. After it cut to black, it stayed like that for 6 minutes. Then it cut to a picture of Emmett, however, there were several things out of place. Emmett looked shocked,the camera was zoomed in on his face and the colors he was composed in were now brighter and scarier, and his eyes were replaced with crosses. The scene lasted for what i think forever. Finally, the scene switched to someone's attic room that wasn't even part of the LEGO universe. The film was in black and white again and there was light that came from the ceiling. There was a train table in the middle of the room and the camera was zoomed in on it. On the table was a dirty old Lego box flipped over on the left of the table as well. I starred at it for 5 seconds when suddenly, something moved behind it. It was a naked, arm less, and dirty Emmett mini-figure slowly being pulled across the table by an invisible string. It looked so realistic until the body began to get up even though nobody was there. It took a while for the poor construction guy's gaze to finally reach the camera. But as soon as it did, the film ended with no credits. I sat there quiet, shocked, and starring at the TV. I took the disc, smashed it into bits, and made my dog poop on it. I was about to report to the police, but i remembered that my phone was taken by a random kid. So my choice was cancelled. I went to WWW. to ask the users if they watched it, but they said no.

Broken Emmet

A picture of what Emmet might have looked like on the last scene of the film

Thank you for taking your time to read this.