One day, I was looking up any Caillou Family Collection videos for my little brother, Kevin for a gift.

Snapshot 3 (8-23-2014 7-05 PM)

Title card

On the 5th google page, I found a strange one labeled, “CFC-vol. 666”. It was on Media Fire.

I downloaded it and begun watching:

It starts out with a picture of Caillou’s family, but something was off:

The eyes of the parents were black and there was text on the upper left corner of the screen that reads, “???????????”.

After that, it cuts to Mommy and Rosie hugging each other in darkness.

The next scene is Mommy telling Caillou, Rosie, and Sarah something, but she was only saying in realistic form:

“WATCH SOME” in a loop. While this happened, video FX flashed on screen.

Snapshot 1 (8-23-2014 6-23 PM)

Then it cuts to an eerie picture of Mommy leaving Caillou, Rosie, and Daddy.

Both the mom and dad’s faces were red and blank. Rosie’s eyes were red and she was angry.

Also, there was stains of black all over the place.

Then it cuts to Caillou, Rosie and Sarah wandering off.

Then a sketched picture of the mom and dad showed up, but both of them had no faces.

The camera was zooming in and the screen was darker.


The final scene was Caillou and Sarah playing in the garden. Suddenly, the parents infected her.

Then it cuts to black and a scream is heard.

Symbol text appeared that is translated, “R.I.P: Caillou and his best friend.

Then it ends with the PBS logo.

I deleted the file and took a nap.